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TUESDAY TIP OF THE DAY–Tools for applying sheet cane webbing


Wooden chair caning wedges

Applying sheet cane webbing? Having problems getting the caning down into the grove? Try using some specially made wooden chair caning wedges to insert the cane webbing into the groove around the perimeter of the panel.


Trim sharp edges of chair caning wedges

Since the ends of the chair caning wedges are rather sharp and might cut the caning as you are pushing it into the groove, it’s best to trim those sharp edges.  Just draw a rounded edge with a pencil and take your sharp scissors and trim the edge.


After cutting and rounding wedge, sand until smooth.

After cutting and rounding off the edge of the caning wedge, take a piece of sandpaper and smooth the edge or using a sanding sponge to round it off.


Push the cane webbing into groove using wooden wedge

And there you go, all done! Doesn’t this look great and using this Tuesday Tip of the Day on Chair Caning sure does help along the process!


Cane webbing inserted into backs of chairs.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more Tuesday Chair Caning Tip of the Day!

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