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Iowa basketmakers Frances Wight, Marlys Sowers and Tracy Welch were featured in an article in the Des Moines Register today!

Since I live about 500-600 miles north of them, so imagine my surprise when I saw the article of my friends and fellow basketmakers through a Google Alert this morning in my email.

These three basketweavers are members of the Iowa Basket Weavers Guild as am I, and we’ve known each other for many years.

Marlys and I see each other frequently at basket workshops and conventions across the country, and Frances was the first teacher I took a pine needle basketry class from back in the 1980s. And she gave me a bunch of rye straw to make bread proofing baskets out of. Tracy has a wonderful cane & basket supply company, but I must admit I haven’t been there yet to see it, and also teaches at various workshops.

Congratulations to the staff reporter, Erin Crawford for a great article on this nearly lost art of basketweaving!

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