Basketmakers–Antler Basket Patterns For Sale!

Antler Basket Pattern Collage by Cathryn Peters

Just in time for gift giving! Wouldn’t hubby be surprised if you created his own special deer antler basket, using all those cast-offs or non-trophy antlers he has laying around in the garage or attic?

Or how about creating a housewarming gift for that special rustic furniture lover to brighten their home?

I have finally figured out all the coding necessary to set up my webpage and the PayPal shopping cart to offer my Antler Basket Patterns for sale from my website!

So far, I have posted 17 antler basket patterns, but more will be coming in the future. A few patterns are suitable for the advanced beginner that maybe has had some rib basketry weaving experience. I also have posted several patterns for the advanced weaver.

There are even some sculptural antler basket patterns for you adventurous weavers that want to flaunt their creativity.

This page of my website is a separate one just for the antler basket patterns, and eventually I’ll have others for the traditional basket patterns and the seat weaving patterns, too.

Take a look and let me know if you encounter ordering or website errors, so I can hopefully, correct them. Weave On!

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