First in a series of Antler Basket Videos

antler wall basket collage

I’m so excited to show you my first antler basket video in a series made through the wonderful software at

It was a very simple process to select the photos I wanted to use, choose from several audio clips and then have Animoto automatically put the antler basket video together to create this 30-second video.

This particular antler basket video is made up of several deer antler wall hanging versions of my contemporary antler art decor. I created all of the featured antler baskets in this video during the 1990s, early on in my weaving career. They are some of my all-time favorites.



Incorporating hand-gathered natural weaving materials from road-side ditches is one of my favorite things to do! And then these natural materials get woven into the piece, complimenting the commercial round rattan reed I used as the primary weaving material.


Sorting and preparing harvested cattail leaves before drying
Sorting and preparing harvested cattail leaves


I regularly scout out the hills, valleys and river areas around me in southern Minnesota, gathering the wild willow, red dogwood, bittersweet and cattail rushes. I get a Zen-like experience when out there in nature, usually in the late fall and winter, harvesting the naturals at their prime.

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Decorating with antler basket wall sculptures makes a very distinct statement in either contemporary, rustic or Western decor and will surely be the talk of your circle of friends.

Place your order today and I’ll get it out to you right away so you can start gathering in the compliments on your beautifully decorated home or office!

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