November is Antler Basket Making Time!

MONDAY MENTION–Antler Basket Making Time! Well, if this is November that means it’s antler basketweaving time for sure, doesn’t it? That’s especially true for all you women whose husbands are hunting the deer and providing meat for your tables. And we all know that those legally harvested antlers are just a by-product of the meat processing, right?

Antler Basket Maker, Cathryn Peters

Those of you that have antler sheds to use in your baskets are especially lucky, since finding the annually shed antlers is a difficult and time consuming task. FYI–That’s usually why if you purchase antler sheds, they cost more than the harvested ones.

Peters "Bonita's Present" Antler Basket Pattern

Not able to take the antler basketweaving class I just taught at North House Folk School in Grand Marais, Minnesota a couple weeks ago?


Well, if you feel adventuresome and want to try your hand at a little bit more challenging DIY weaving project than just a regular flat reed basket or even a traditional egg basket or melon basket, take a look at my Antler Basket Patterns.

Fancy Mule Deer Antler Basket
Peters "Mule Deer" antler basket pattern

Match up your weaving ability level with the antler you have on hand with the exact pattern to create a beautiful handwoven gift for your family or friends for Christmas!

Double Take Antler Basket Pattern
Peters "Double Take" antler basket pattern

Happy Weaving on those Antler Baskets for the holiday presents and throughout the year, too! Let me know how you did and send some pictures for me to post here on the website!

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