3rd Annual Woodlanders Gathering Rustic Showcase & Sale

On Wednesday, July 14th, I returned home (1,000 mile round-trip) after spending four days at a workshop rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers in the rustic furniture movement at historic Mineral Point, Wisconsin!


This was the third annual Woodlanders Gathering plus an exhibit of Woodlanders’ creative work at the Rustic Showcase & Sale at the Longbranch Gallery. The workshop was spearheaded by Daniel Mack and hosted and organized by Mineral Point Longbranch Gallery owners, Judy Sutcliffe and Sandy Scott.


Well known rustic furniture instructors such as John Koerble, Todd Kingery, Jan Johnson, Arlene Byme, Amy Lansburg, John Werner, Bim Willow, Tor Faegre, Marcia & John Whitt, Dennis Giese, Lee Zieke & Lindsay Lee, Regina Riley, David Stein, Tatiana Katara Mike Donnell, Judy Sutcliffe, and yours truely, conducted their speciality classes. Which ranged ranged from pine needle baskets, to edidible flowers, to willow growing and furniture construction, to driftwood dolls, and fairie furniture! I taught a herringbone reed footstool and my small antler basket tray, “Coin Catcher,” on two different days and attended as a student in several classes on the other two days. What a blast!


I will be posting some pictures of the event on my PictureTrail albums soon at https://www.PictureTrail.com/wickerwoman or you can go to the https://www.Woodlanders.com site to view previous years pictures, and eventually I hope to post some here too on my Blog!


Happy Weaving!

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