Wicker Woman's Weavings Ezine Sent!

Celebrating Five Years of Continued Monthly Publication!

The last issue for 2004 of Wicker Woman’s Weavings ezine was sent out on December 16th to 791 subscribers.

If the filters gobbled up your copy and you want to read it online, or if you want to join the list, visit: https://groups.yahoo.com/group/WickerWomansWeavings/

Sign In using your Yahoo! Groups ID and Password to activate the site. And to join, click on the Join This Group button, pick an ID and Password, and then choose Individual Email as sending preference. Be sure to write down your ID and Password and put the ezine on your approved senders email list or you may not receive the next issue by email.

MacPherson Arts & Crafts from St. Marys Ontario, Canada was the Featured Business of the Month, the McHugh Willow Company was the Wicker FYI, and Skeined Willow was the FYI for both Seatweaving and Basketry.

New additions to the Furniture Repair Directory, plus tons of interesting site links to visit and complete listing of classes and convention dates for 2005.

Peace and Joy, Happy Holidays to All!

Editor/The Wicker Woman/Cathryn Peters/Angora, MN


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