Where is Spring?

According to what I’ve been reading and hearing lately, spring is supposed to be just around the corner. But up here in Northern Minnesota, you’d never guess that was true! This morning, the temperature was -15 degrees for Pete’s sake!

For example, if you were to scroll down to the bottom of my blog here, you would see the WeatherUnderground banner that tells the time and temperature up here in Angora, MN, and at 9:30 a.m it is reading -9 degrees.

The temperature reading is taken at the small airport about a mile due east of our place, which is also on the same topographical level as ours, kinda on the low side. So the reading taken there is always colder than the one taken in the next “biggest” town of Cook, 5-10 miles to the north.

The sun is out shinning brightly, fooling us into thinking it’s a nice, warm day and spring really is “just around the corner.” But is that really the case?”, I ask you.

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