I just saw a link to this article, Warning, Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous To Your Health in a computer newsletter I subscribe to from Kim Komando (The Digital Goddess).

This is very important information and worthy of passing on to everyone you know, so we can all make informed choices regarding the use of cell phones and the other ubiquitous electronics.

This stuff is real and very scary. We all need to read this and consider the adverse affects of using cell phones, microwaves and our computers before it’s too late!

Also in the January 2010 issue of Prevention magazine, there was a terrific 12-page Special Report about the harmful affects of Electric Magnetic Frequencies called, “ElectroShocker” by Michael Segell!

What are your feelings about all this? Do you know of anyone that has died from a cancerous tumor in their head? Did they use cell phones a lot? Do you feel you are at risk? Please leave your comments.

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