Traditional Irish Craft–Friday Feature

Just recently I discovered some of the most wonderful traditional Irish craft DVD’s in a series called, Hands, offered on David Shaw-Smith’s Etsy Shop.

Here’s the description quote from David’s Etsy Shop, “A series of fascinating and unique documentaries on Traditional Irish Crafts and Lifestyles, where the emphasis is on the skill of human hands rather than on machines.”

Traditional Irish Craft Hands Series--Bees and Bee SkepsI recently purchased and watched the “Of Bees and Bee Skeps” and found it really interesting and useful in my bee skep classes that I offer at North House Folk School.

Traditional Irish Craft Hands Series--Rushwork I also just purchased the “Rushwork” DVD about making baskets out of rush. I was hoping that there might also be chair seat weaving in rush on that last DVD, but David said it’s mostly basketweaving instead.

There are many, many more delightful craft DVDs in this series and I would encourage you to visit the Hands Etsy Shop and purchase some of these for your home research library, too!

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