Storing Chair Caning Reference Books

I have amassed quite a few chair caning, wicker and basket weaving reference books over the 35+ years I’ve been in the weaving business. But until recently, most have been packed away in plastic totes for years.

Here’s a picture of just a few totes that are now in my studio, but I think the total count is more like around 20  or so, all in storage so not easily accessible …

reference books in totes

But now I’ve begun to put some of them out on the bookshelves in my studio, which I’ve been in the process of cleaning and straightening up for the last several days, weeks and months. Wanted to show you some of the progress I’ve made on that front in the last couple days…

caning books in barrister bookcase

Doesn’t that “new-to-me” barrister’s bookcase look nice with all those chair caning reference books in it? There are more to come, but it’s a start.

Notice the plastic bag on the bottom shelf that has the broken glass in the door? Inside is an old pendulum schoolhouse clock that drastically needs some repair. I’m trying to find someone in this area on the Iron Range that repairs clocks, so if you know of someone, be sure to let me know!

storage tubs for weaving materials

And I’m still working on the area by my computer, using the small wheeled cart to move around the heavy cabinets and that barrister’s bookcase from one side of the room to the other. Love that little cart, couldn’t get by without it for using here or at art shows and weaving classes!

moving storage cabinets

Next area will be the work table so I can actually weave my antler baskets again. Can’t even see the top of the thing for all the clutter on the top now.

antler basket weaving table

By next week, keeping my fingers crossed, I hope to have the whole studio cleaned up and presentable and maybe even invite over a few of my artist friends for coffee and a gab session! Stay tuned for the spankin’ new and clean WickerWoman’s Weaving Studio folks!

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