Cleaning Weaving Studio–Again!

Why is it that every time I turn around in my studio, something else has materialized into the space? It’s as if gremlins come in during the night and wreak havoc on the place, making it almost impossible to get anything creative done.


Looks to me like there’s some fall cleaning that needs to take place, ya think?


Scored an excellent antique barrister-type oak bookcase over the weekend that will really help with the massive reference library I have going here. But it needs a little TLC first, then it’s getting put to use, ASAP! Doesn’t it match my antique oak office chair nicely?

oak office chair and bookcase

Has glass doors that cover the books so they don’t get dusty. I’m not sayin’ that there’s ever any dust here, mind you… Bottom pane of glass is broken, but will be easy to replace.

broken glass in barrister bookcase

Hubby is putting the backs and new shelves on some other antique cabinets that I’ve acquired lately, but that’s all for another post… Happy Weaving!

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5 thoughts on “Cleaning Weaving Studio–Again!”

  1. Is there any room at your place near to your workspace to build a ‘stash’?

    I have a sort of annex where I can park stuff until I’m ready to work on it – and that leaves me a little more clear benchtop and floor space. Just a little more…:-)

  2. Cathryn—hey, I don’t feel so bad, now !!!! My place is ALMOST as crowded, and I have 3 different areas about as filled. I have one customer that has 4 chairs , and another that has 5, so, when those are gone maybe I can clean, too!
    Love the barrister bookcase!,Jan

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