Sounds of the Wild–Wolves


MONDAY MENTION–Sounds of the Wild Wolves


When we first moved up here to our 120 acre place in northern Minnesota on the Iron Range in 2002, and before the willows grew so high you could no longer see through the open field back to the tree line, we would occasionally see a pack of wolves running after deer. But like I said, the willows and spruce trees have overgrown during our stay up here and obliterated our view.

However, over the last few days Mr. WickerWoman and I have heard one lone wolf on our property, howling both at night and early in the morning just as the sun comes up. He seems to be very, very close to the house, making his eery calls to his buddies, causing the little hairs on the back of my neck to stand up.

Hearing wolves out in the willows--Feb. 19, 2012

It’s an interesting and haunting sound, but makes me glad in a way, that we no longer have our Labs and keep them outdoors. I remember both of us going out to the kennels several times in the middle of the night to try and settle the dogs down and to investigate why they were growling and sneering.

We usually discovered or assumed that the culprit was a bear or wolf and scared them away. Thank goodness Mr. WickerWoman and I always carry a gun and know how to use it.

I learned that early on when I was harvesting my willow and diamond willow in the spring and summer, you NEVER want to come between a mamma bear and her cubs, for example. And running away from them in the bogs and swamps is not an easy thing to do.

Well crap, running in any way, shape and manner is not easy for me anymore, what am I thinking?

Then yesterday in early morning, the sound of that lone wolf escalated to a pair of wolves and finally a frenzy of the pack with a kill. The sun was shining brightly and the temperature was at about 15 degrees F., very crisp, clear with no wind so there was no mistaking where the cacophony  was coming from.



Only about 200 yards east of the house, out in the field.  That’s just passed the overgrown willows now, just this side of the tree line, EXACTLY where I used to take all the puppies and momma Molly every day for our walks!

I tried and tried to capture the sound on my digital camera, but the volume wouldn’t go high enough. But when we were in the house, we both could hear the noise very distinctly. I’m going to see if I can amplify the sound on my computer or perhaps through Youtube and if I’m successful, will post it here for you to listen to.

Wish we had a good, powerful tape recorder. Any of you have suggestions as to how I can get the audio turned up on the video I took?


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2 thoughts on “Sounds of the Wild–Wolves”

  1. While prowling around, I made it here. I plugged my speaker into my laptop, and voila! Great sound volume. Yup, we’ve got them, too.
    Late afternoons in the Fall they were firing off. I have a deer bone yard by the big beaver pond. It’s where the pack hangs out. By the look of the bones, for many years. My dog, Sunny, figured the treasures were for her. The display on the septic mound has vastly diminished!

    Back to roving. Thanks for the post!

    1. Hey Candace, if you have any antlers in that deer bone yard, let’s talk! Maybe an antler basket swap might be in order or I can buy the antlers from you?

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