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Red Twig Brown Twig

basket weaving with a bit of gardening and one or two tangents along the curve

Quite a few years ago now, I stumbled across one of the coolest blogs featuring basket weaving,  chair caning, rustic furniture making and nature photography called,  Red Twig Brown Twig

The owner of this blog Shari MacLeod, was a girl after my heart, a kindred spirit so to speak.  I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven each time I read her posts and quickly added  Red Twig Brown Twig to my blogroll when this blog was on before the migration here to my domain.

I haven’t posted my blogroll here on my new blog platform yet, and must get to that soon. You can bet that Red Twig Brown Twig will be the first one posted!

Besides all the wonderful things Shari does that I mentioned above, she also is a master needle felter and is teaching classes on that topic right now. She has the cutest little bunny rabbit felting pictures on her most recent post that you’ve just got to go see!

Be sure to scurry on over to Red Twig Brown Twig and add it to your blogroll, you’ll be happy you are following it too, always great information.

Won’t you join me in saluting Red Twig Brown Twig and it’s author Shari MacLeod by subscribing to this terrific blog on its RSS feed?

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  1. Oh, I so love Shari’s blog too! I adore her needle felting creations…so much so that I am taking a class in needle felting in my area tomorrow! Her baskets are phenomenal, too, and I love her writing style! Just a wonderful blog all around!

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