November Ezine Issue Sent!

The November issue of Wicker Woman’s Weavings Ezine went out a bit late, sent on the 30th, but covered a lot of interesting topics on basket weaving and seat weaving.

Here’s a synopsis–

FYI Wicker–was about making professional repairs, not amateurish ones. FYI Seat Weaving–was about those pesky staples in the grooves of sheet cane chairs. And FYI Basketry–was about using wooden bases in your basketmaking projects.

No Featured Business of the Month for November, but the November Poll was “Have you ever prepared the materials and woven a basket using black ash, hand split white oak or willow?”

Announcements–covered the death of basketmaker, teacher and Basket Bits magazine’s original editor and publisher, Jim Rutherford. Nevada Folklife Apprenticeship 2006 Grants awarded, Jim Widess’ new seatweaving book debut, and additions to the Furniture Repair Directory of Helen and Jamie Cribbs in the Seatweaving section and Sharon Rieder in the Wicker section.

If you are interested in reading the December issue (when it comes out in a few days), and aren’t already a Yahoo! Groups member and subscriber to my ezine, just click here to “Join This Group”

And if you are already a member, but for some reason were not able to read the ezine through your email box, then go to the site and “Sign In” using your Yahoo! Groups ID and Password (that you chose when you joined), to read from the Archived Messages/Posts.

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