MN Sub Zero Weather

Snow on spruce trees

We are experiencing the coldest temperature yet this year up here in our area of northern Minnesota with -22 º F at 6 a.m.  Had -17º  F a few days ago, but it quickly warmed up to a more reasonable temp in the 20s.

My dad called from Oklahoma City this morning saying it was what we call, a “balmy” 23º  ABOVE zero! Heck, hubby had to tease him by saying,  “that’s T-shirt wearing weather up here.”

I really wanted to attend church service today at Trinity Lutheran Church in Cook, but with the temps so bad and the fact that I park my car outside, it’s doubtful.

Our kids called from the Twin Cities area and reported that they were dumped on with over 15″ of the white stuff yesterday! Bundle up everyone and keep the home fires burning!

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  1. Yeah Christy, sometimes I wonder what I’m doing living up here! Hubby and I are always threatening to be snow birds and fly south for the winter, but it hasn’t happened yet!

  2. Wow! And I’m complaining that it will be windchill of 0° here tomorrow morning. Way too cold for me. I’d quickly become known as ‘the crazy lady that never leaves her home’ if I lived up your way. lol

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