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sunrise-angora-mn-1-18-12 7:58am

Sunrise Angora, MN 1-18-12 7:58 a.m.

Although these progression sunrise pictures are spectacular and warm looking, they are deceiving! It’s not warm up here in Northern Minnesota!


8 a.m. Sunrise Angora, MN 1-18-12

Yesterday when these shots were taken the temperature was -9 degrees, the coldest it’s been so far this winter up here.

sunrise-angora-mn-1-18-12 8:02am

Sunrise 8:02 a.m. Angora, MN 1-18-12

But now TODAY is a totally different ballgame! Our temperature outdoors with NO windchill was an actual -21 degrees! Just so you are clear about this, that’s BELOW ZERO as evident by the indoor-outdoor thermometer we have right here by the dinning table.


Coldest day so far in 2012 at -21 degrees 1-19-12 Angora, MN

But I heard on the radio that our close neighbor to the north, International Falls, MN (the official ice-box of the nation) had -22 degrees, beating us by one degree! Stay warm, ya’ll and let me know what it’s like in your neck of the woods by leaving a comment below.

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