March Came In Like A Lion!

This morning we awoke to zero degree temperature againg after enjoying a respite of a few days where the temperature actually got up as high as 37 degrees above zero!

A severe snow storm covered the area the last few days. And yesterday (Friday), closed down the whole the city of Duluth, Minnesota and many others around us. Since the mail trucks couldn’t get through from Duluth to our post office in Angora and in Cook, there was no mail delivery due to the blizzard conditions.

Like our neighbor just commented last night, “You can never plan trips or traveling in March. You never know what the weather conditions are going to be like. One day, it’s 30 + degrees and the sun is shinning, and the next it’s blizzard conditions with below zero temps and all the highways are closed.”

We here on the Iron Range of Minnesota, north of Virginia and south of International Falls, west of Duluth, didn’t get nearly the amount of snow that other places received. We only had about 6-9″ of the white stuff, while to the south and east of us, they got 24″ and more!

Yesterday was the first time this season that we had to get our long driveway plowed out. Although we have a couple vehicles with four-wheel drive, it makes getting around on the place a lot easier.

The businesses dependant on the snow had been really suffering, but now things are looking up a bit. And the kids have even gotten a few “snow days” off from school.

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