4th Annual Iron Range Earth Fest!

We all had a great time at the 4th Annual Iron Range Earth Fest last weekend, dispute the six inches of snow that fell in and around Mt. Iron and the surrounding area!

Earth Fest Snow 4-21-12

Luckily, I followed a snow plow home for a good portion of the 30 miles I had to travel to get home but was on my own when he turned off onto another side road.

snowfall 4-21-2012
This is what our place looked like on 4-21-2012 after Earth Fest

Thank goodness I had just gotten two new front tires the day before, otherwise, I couldn’t have made it through the snow with my almost bald tires.

Earth Fest 2012-crafts-demo
Earth Fest 2012 craft-demo area in Messiah Lutheran Church, Mt. Iron, MN

When I finally did get home and had time to take a look at the pictures I took, I realized that I hardly took any this year. Here’s what I have for Earth Fest 2012.

Range Fiber Arts member’s booth:

Range Fiber Arts Rugs Earth Fest 4-2012
Range Fiber Arts Rug Display Earth Fest 4-2012
Kathy Jacklen spinning wool 4-12
Range Fiber Arts member Kathy Jacklen spinning wool Earth Fest 4-2012
Carol Sperling-Rag Rug Exhibit MDC
Range Fiber Arts member Carol Sperling-Rag Rug Exhibit MDC

And here’s my friend and fellow craftswoman, Betsey Harries of Sweetgrass Trading Company with her art dolls:

Betsey Harries Earth Fest 4-2012
Betsey Harries, Sweetgrass Trading Company, Earth Fest 4-2012

Betsey has been accepted to the Lorring Park Art Festival in Minneapolis, MN on August 4 & 5, 2012

Betsey Harries Sweetgrass Trading Co 4-2012
Betsey Harries, art dolls, Earth Fest 4-2012

And me demonstrating how to weave a hand-twisted natural cattail leaf rush seat:

Earth Fest 2012 Peters cattail rush demo
Cathryn Peters cattail rush seat weaving demo Earth Fest 2012

Hope the weather is better next year for the 5th Annual Iron Range Earth Fest, but even so, we had a great time showing and learning about Sustainable Living on the Iron Range.

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