Diagonal chair caning step errors

Can you spot the diagonal chair caning step errors?

The previous weaver of this cane seat made a lot of mistakes, but for this blog post, we are only talking about one big, glaring error. We’ll use this photo to discuss other caning errors in future blog posts.

Can you spot the error that I’m singling in on here? It’s something missing in the corner hole weaving pattern? I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with the diagonals running from lower right to upper left.

The error that the weaver made here, is that he missed putting a “fish-head” in the corner hole. As you might recall from the chair caning instructions page, each corner on a cane seat is supposed to have only the two diagonal steps (both from the same direction), going into the corner hole, nothing else.

By not putting the two diagonal strands in that corner hole, it throws off all the other strands that create the “Xs” on both the top and left side of the seat. Can you see that, too?

Although this picture below shows the lower left-hand corner hole, instead of the upper left-hand corner, the diagonals in the corner are the same.

Here’s how this corner hole should be woven, complete with the “fish head” in the corner and the “Xs” on the sides. Oh yeah, by the way, it’s called a fish head, because it looks like the profile of a fish’s head, get it?


corner cane fish head diagonals

Cane “fish head” corner woven correctly.

You always want to start the diagonals in the corner and have those diagonal strands be the only strands in those corner holes. When you put only the two diagonals coming from the same direction, into the corner hole, then everything falls into place.

That fish-head in the corner sets up all the other holes to turn out perfectly, forming all the Xs down the line. Color coded plastic cane of the steps makes it really clear, doesn’t it? Easy-peasy!

color coded corner hole caning steps

Color-coded hand caning steps-corner detail.


Well, how did you do on this little quiz? Bet you aced it, didn’t you? Leave your comments below, tell me what you think about this little, but so important, frequently missed caning step.

wrong and correct hole cane corner steps

Wrong caning pattern on left, correct pattern weaving on right


Yeah, I know there are tons of other errors here, but we’ll address all those on future blog posts. Stay tuned and thanks for hangin’ out with me, if you liked this, please share with your peeps!

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