Great Northern Radio Show Debut

On Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011 Aaron Brown’s program – the Great Northern Radio Show – debuts live from the stage of the Hibbing Community College theater.

Why does the name, Aaron Brown, sound familiar you might ask.  Well you might be familiar with Aaron’s work if you follow his blog,, you’ve been a student of his at the Hibbing Community College, heard him on the radio a time or two, or you might belong to a book club and read his book.

Whether you know Aaron or not, this show sounds like it will be the Iron Range’s anwser to the “Prairie Home Companion” radio production, but with a northern Minnesota flare. Looking forward to lots of great acting and great music too,  including a couple of my personal favorite actors and musicans, Pete Pellinen and his son Jack. Aaron promises some extra surprises too, so watch out for those!

This program is produced by 91.7 KAXE – Northern Community Radio, the independent public station that serves most of the area north of Duluth, including the Range.

Hope to see ya’ll there with bells on your toes! General admission is from 3:30 p.m-4:30 p.m., program runs from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

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