Well, my little fingers have been flying across the keyboard the last three or four days, making yet more improvements and additions to!

How to apply the final chair caning step-binder cord

Step #7 -- Hand chair caning--applying the binder cord

As some of you will recall, I was a writer for for a few years and had some articles on chair caning and related articles published there. However, a few years back they changed all their editing, publishing and payment protocols. The new “rules” were not something I could stomach any more, so I pulled my articles out.

They were also doing a total one-time buy out on the articles that they wanted to keep, but what they offered to pay for my four articles didn’t even come close to what I received in one month’s revenue! Can you believe that measly one-time offer, and then they would “own” all rights to my articles???? Get REAL eHow!

So, I have finally posted one of the articles (slightly rewritten and with slightly different accompanying photo steps), on “Hole-to-Hole Chair Caning Instructions” and am offering that page for FREE to all the readers of my website and blog!

Excuse the extra line spacing and photo placement, it seems WP is giving me guff and is adding in tons of paragraphs and other stuff to some of the pages. I haven’t found a work-around yet, so have to put up with the crazy look, sorry!

And what’s even cooler is that you can use the “Print” selection on the Sexy Bookmarks Social Networks Sharing icons to print out a copy of the Free Chair Caning Instructions so you can follow along at home!

Have you visited the page yet? Get your printed copy NOW!  FREE Hole-to-Hole Chair Caning Instructions!

Traditonal hole chair caning

Traditional hole-to-hole chair caning on horseshoe shape seat

Be sure to let me know how things go for you and leave a comment here, too!  :~)

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