Looking for chair caning and/or basket weaving supplies? Then look no farther than the Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™ on WickerWoman.com

Chair Caning Supplies

Chair Caning Supplies--Strand Cane, Cane Webbing, Wide Binding Cane

Some of the over 30 supply companies specialize in chair cane, providing the best in strand cane, machine woven cane webbing, reed spline and wide binding cane.

chair cane and round reed supplies

Chair Cane and Round Rattan Reed Supplies

Others might have a fantastic selection of tools, chair seat weaving instruction books or basket patterns.

chair caning tools

Chair Caning Tools

And still others carry the more hard-to-find barks to weave both chair seats and baskets with; birch bark, hickory bark, hand-processed oak strips or machined ash and black ash and Shaker tape. Or they may carry waxed linen, beads and gourds for basketmaking projects.

chair caning books

Various chair caning books that should be in your personal resource library

Whatever you need to weave chair seats, baskets or gourds that you can be proud of, you can find the supplies at one of the companies listed on the Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™ on WickerWoman.com

Enjoy and Happy Weaving!

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