Antler Basketweaving — Thursday Thoughts


First Attempt Antler Basket by Cathryn Peters 1990
“First Attempt” Antler Melon Basket ©1990 Cathryn Peters


You know, ever since I designed and created my very first antler basket way back in 1990, this style basket has remained my favorite to weave. Although I also weave traditional baskets made from round and flat reed, willow and other natural materials, I always like to make my signature baskets (the antler basket) feature the antler as integral part of the basket, or the focal point.

Excerpt from my About Us-Artist Statement

The first step I take in creating an antler basket, is to sit quietly with the antler and listen as it speaks to me; hold it in my hands, place it on the table, looking at all the various angles. The antler suggests the form the completed basket is to take. Guiding my fingers, coaxing me to weave its desired shape, all the while conforming to the natural curvature of the antler itself, which is an integral part of the basket, not just simply attached to it.


“Bedazzled” Fallow Deer Antler Basket ©2004 Peters


And it never ceases to amaze me how different and individually unique they each are! Because of the confirmation of the antlers, it’s almost impossible for me to create baskets that are identical, or even remotely so. But having said that, I try my darnedest
to make the concerted effort for each design to be different from the last!


Antlers Together-CPeters-basket
“Antlers Together” Wall Pocket Basket ©1996 Cathryn Peters


I love incorporating and weaving with the natural and sometimes unruly hand-gathered materials, like willow, bulrush, larch and barks.


“Flame” Whitetail Antler and Wild Willow © Peters


Weaving with the naturals exclusively does however, make the weaving much, much more difficult than weaving with the user-friendly and oh so malleable, rattan reed.


Hunter's Dream Antler Wall Basket 1999 Peters
“Hunter’s Dream” Antler Wall Basket © 1999 Peters


Really enjoy weaving the antler wall hangings, antler wall sculptures and antler wall pocket baskets, too.


Reindeer Ripples Antler Wall Basket -Peters
“Reindeer Ripples” Antler Wall Sculpture © 2003 Peters


Be sure to check out TheWickerWoman YouTube Channel page to see some more of my Antler Basket Artistry. If you like what you see, be sure to “Like” it and Subscribe to my channel, leave some comments. Enjoy!

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