Antler Basket Class–Day Two

Second day of the wall pocket antler basket class at North House Folk School begins today. The students are anxious to get started weaving the main body of their baskets after drilling the antlers and setting up the ribs or framework yesterday.

weaving rib style antler baskets
Weaving the rib frame on the antler basket


It’s again overcast and cloudy, with the temperature at 30 degrees this morning, but the harbor in Grand Marais is beautiful none the less.

harbor North House Folk School
Harbor at North House Folk School, Grand Marais, MN

We have a small, intimate antler basket class up here at North House Folk School this year, but I like it that way so I can give very individualized attention to all my students.

antler basket class North House Folk School

It’s a good thing the class is small, because this is a very ambitious basket for a beginner and we have one in this class, never woven a basket before! And everyone got to practice drilling their antlers,too!

drilling antlers for spoke holes
Drilling antlers for basket spoke holes

We’ll keep you posted as to how these gals are doing in their antler basket class, but I think they are fantastic! Wouldn’t you agree?

antler basket class

antler basket wall pocket
Antler basket wall pocket building the frame


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