Yesterday the gals finished their baskets for the most part, and if not completely done, at least had the knowledge and materials to finish up at home. They all did a great job and each was distinctly different from the others. Here they are still in the process of weaving, but getting there!

Barb antler basket progress

Barb’s antler basket in progress.

Karla antler basket progress

Karla’s antler basket in process.

Nicole antler basket progress

Nicole’s antler basket in process

Temperature this morning at Grand Marais, MN harbor is at 27 degrees and overcast. The seagulls were again my alarm clock as the fishermen took off for their daily catch at around 6:30am just before sunrise.

fishermen harbor grand marais mn

And here we all are a while before this half-day class ended… Enjoy!

antler basket class North House

Great Job! Antler Basket Class at North House Folk School 2014

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