Country Life Critters

One of the things I really enjoy about living the country life is encountering the various critters.

Country Life Critters-Frogs–

In June we have a great deal of frogs croaking in the nearby ponds, in fact frequently the noise is so loud you can hardly hear yourself think!

Imagine my surprise when I reached for the door knob to go inside the house and spotted this little guy. Startled me until I realized it was a little frog saying “Hi.”

green frog by the door

Picked him up off the wall and transported him to the pond. Can you see him in the grass beside the pond?

frog by the water

Here he is getting ready to jump in! Bye little guy!

green frog by the pond

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  1. Very cute. I occasionally find a long legged tree frog suctioned to our sliding door or windows. But this year we’ve had lots of little tiny brown frogs – about the size of a finger tip.

  2. If he has a yellow belly, he is a tree frog. They have a high pitched noise. I wish we had them here more frequently, but I only see one or two each year, if that. My friend had them all over her house.

  3. Ha ha Cathryn! Enjoyed your post and how you enjoy these “country critters”!! It’s been a little over a year now that we are living in the country in middle Tennessee and I’m still not used to all the critters that show up at our door!! And we have frogs here every night!! LOL!!

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