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3 thoughts on “Something Wonderful Quote for Today”

  1. Thanks Cathryn for your knowledge & generosity. Your traditional,cane weaving class helped me cane two chairs. Joy, joy…I have two or 3 to go.

    Gratitude helps us to share and enjoy our passion.
    Thanks again

    1. You are most welcome! Glad to have helped you on your chair caning journey, hope you take it up as a profession, too. Please Share with friends and family, we need to grow the community so our craft doesn’t truly become a “lost art.”

      Please consider joining us on my Seatweaving & Chair Caning Forum™ and over at The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc.®, where you will be among friends and learn a great deal about chair seat weaving in the process. Happy Weaving!

      https://disc.yourwebapps.com/Indices/220033.html (Chair Caning Forum)
      https://seatweaversguild.org (The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc.®)

  2. You’re lucky you can wake up and say that!! With me, I couldn’t do that. I’m always jinxing myself!! If I said that first thing, I would probably trip over my shoe! LOL. (Just kidding… well, maybe not!)

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