Wonderful Winter Weather in April

Yesterday I was a bit surprised to wake up (at 4:30 a.m.) to Mr. WickerWoman saying that we had over five inches of new snowfall and that it was still coming down! Grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of course.


What we didn’t realize at the time, since we were still a bit blurry-eyed and had sleepy seeds in our eyes, is that there really was about ten inches already on the ground and more was yet to come.


Here’s my poor little car, that gets stuck in the driveway when there’s only about five inches of snow on the ground, so I’m not leaving today or until we get it plowed.


Mr. WickerWoman’s 4×4 truck tracks in the snow…


Here’s another picture of the white stuff…


And here’s how it looked this morning when the temperature was only at 16 degrees, although it did get up to 41 degrees yesterday.


And the weatherman says that we should have more temps up in the 40s and 50s today, so maybe this will all melt quickly!



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