Winter snowfall fascination

snowfall on the spruce trees

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you will notice that I seem to be very fascinated by the snowfall as it relates to the trees here in the northwoods of Minnesota, especially this year.

Spruce trees with snow

There’s just something marvelous about the way it’s falling and staying on the pine, spruce and willows this year and I’ve been taking a tremendous amount of pictures so you can all see the beauty, too.

Snow covered spruce trees

I’ve enjoyed the beauty of the snowfall so much this year that I placed three snow covered tree pictures on our photo Christmas card. Our picture was in the center and then flanked on either side by the two previous shots.


Isn’t this new camera and computer technology cool? I never would have guessed years ago that I would be able to:

  • simply take the pictures (and not have to get film developed)
  • email my photos to a photo shop somewhere in cyberspace
  • pick out my card design layout
  • they’d do all the hard stuff making the cards
  • then mail my completed Christmas cards directly to my door!

Wow! How much easier could it get?  Enjoy the rest of your winter snowfall, too!

snow on the tall spruce trees

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4 thoughts on “Winter snowfall fascination”

  1. Hi Cathryn, how lovely your pics are ! I love the North, the Upper Peninsula, etc.
    Don’t think I would like 30 inches of snow though. Thanks for sharing. And yes, I agree the snow is sticking more than other years, seems to be thicker if that is possible. Enjoy !

    1. Thanks Jan, I just love this weather we’ve been having! Much better snow than the -35°, etc. At least most of the time when it’s snowing it’s rather warm. Twenty degrees above zero right now!

  2. Your photos are beautiful. Where you live you must get lots of snow every winter? Right here, right now everything is white – a thick layer – but it comes and goes during the winter months.

    1. Thank you Lene for the compliment on my photography of the trees and snow. And yes we do get a lot of snow up here most winters. Although the last couple years we didn’t get as much as we’ve had this year. Yesterday I went out in the middle of the yard where the snow was not disturbed nor was it in an area where the snow drifted and snowfall measurered 30 inches! And that’s after some settling! Of course, like I’ve mentioned before, it’s not unusual for the temperature to drop to -35 °, either! Ouch!

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