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What a lovely way to spend my birthday this morning, sitting out on the back deck enjoying basking in the sun and watching all the wild birds and hummingbirds at the feeders!

bird feeders

But as you’ll notice, there’s nothing left for seed in the wild bird feeders in the back row there. And wouldn’t you know, not a single hummingbird at their feeders when I took the picture, either.

I think the deer got to the bird feeders overnight as they’ve done in the past, since I just filled them yesterday!

buck at the bird feeder

Also saw some real cuties at the end of the driveway with mamma a few days ago. Can you see all three of the deer triplets? Twins are common, but not the triplets so I feel especially blessed to have seen these babies. Watched one of them running circles around mamma and other siblings. Golly was that fun to see, wish I had been quick enough to video his antics!

deer doe with triplets

And the best birthday present ever for a gal like me that harvests her own bulrush and cattails leaves for weaving seats, is this! Thanks so much for the gift of the old sickle, from my thoughtful neighbor. Beats a cake and icecream anytime, especially when you are trying to lose weight!

bulrush harvesting sickle

Thanks to all my friends and relatives sending me birthday cards the “old fashioned” way via postal mail, and to all the well wishers on my social media networks! You’re the best!

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6 thoughts on “Wicker Woman Leo B-day Gal”

    1. Hi Carl,

      So sorry to hear that your wicker doesn’t smell very good, but in order to answer your question I need lots more information. Is your wicker new or antique? If it’s new wicker and been imported, it’s possible that the fumigation products are causing the bad smell.

      Is the wicker made of paper rush strands or rattan reed? Has it gotten wet, moldy or has mildew on it? Has it recently been stained, painted or varnished? Do you have animals around like a dog or cat that could have urinated on it?

      See? So many variables that I can’t possibly answer your question with just one answer or solution. But on the upside, you can take a look at this page of my website for some help to getting rid of smelly wicker. Best of luck and hope this helps! https://www.wickerwoman.com/wicker-faq

      1. Sorry Cathryn,
        I’m afraid my ignorance is obvious! My chair is old but I doubt antique. Have no idea whether it is made of reed or paper rush strands. My guess would be reed. It has not gotten moldy, mildewed, but it has been sprayed painted several times over the years. I also have a bassinet that smelled, but I took that to a man who was able to rid it of its smell. You guessed it! I cannot remember his name. That’s the best I can do for information. Hope it helped?

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Cathryn!! When you were telling me about the deer I didn’t realize it was your birthday, and I’ve been too tied up past couple days to do more than scan through emails. Thanks for sharing the great pics and your wonderful point of view. And congrats to the human race for having someone like you among us :).

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