Wednesday Wicker Wisdom — Wicker Perambulator Parasols

Upholstering Antique Wicker Perambulator ParasolsShould you or shouldn’t you, that is the question?

If the material used in your Victorian reed wicker buggy or perambulator’s parasol is still in relatively good original condition, (as is the parasol in the above picture), then leave it alone and don’t have it reupholstered.

This especially holds true if you have any intentions of selling the piece in the near future. Depending on your customer, a change like that could devalue the carriage by a considerable amount.The closer the wicker piece is to its original condition, the better for the true antique wicker collectors.

If you do want/need to have the parasol restored or replaced, be sure to get a professional upholsterer to do the job. Anything sub-par and you will regret your decision, since you will get far better selling price with a tip-top restoration job!

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