Tuesday Studio Tip–Tiny Storage Tubs

For all you stay-at-home-moms (SAHM), home-business people, artists, chair caners and basketmakers, have I got a great tip for you today on Tuesday’s Studio Tip!

When my granddaughter was young and eating baby food, some of it came in little plastic tubs and I couldn’t throw them out! I just knew I’d find a use for them and took a bunch home every time I babysat.

Well now, here we are over a year later and I’ve really enjoyed using these little buggers. I have all kinds of tiny things in them that might get lost in the shuffle in my desk drawer or laying loose in the cabinets.

You’ll have to find someone that feeds their baby Gerber baby food from these tubs, too! Or I guess you could go out and buy your own. Take it from me, the baby food is delicious–one bite for you baby and two for me! Who’s gonna tell?

Here are some terrific ideas you can use the little plastic baby food tubs;

  • little rubber bands that I use on my sweetgrass braids
  • a bunch of AAA batteries for my TV remote
  • picture hangers and the nails that go with them
  • glazing points for the rustic birch bark mirrors I make


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