Wednesday Wicker Wisdom-Making Repairs


WEDNESDAY WICKER WISDOM–Making Repairs to Your Wicker

If you are faced with the project of repairing a Victorian wicker rocker or chair that has a fancy cane back like a Spider Web weave or Star of David weave with a pressed cane webbing seat, consider tackling the hardest part first–the Spiderweb cane back.

Remove all the cane from the back and make any repairs to the surrounding wrappings, then start weaving the replacement cane section.

After all the fancy caning is done, then move on to repairing the arms, seat, apron or what ever else needs your attention.

By reweaving the back caning section first, you get the satisfaction of completing the hardest part first and getting it out of the way.

Just be careful not to damage that bright, shiny new cane in the back as you repair the rest of the piece!

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