Antique Wicker Furniture Buying Tips

Considering purchasing an antique wicker furniture piece?

As you might already know, wicker furniture pieces are frequently sought by collectors and when it comes to collecting antique wicker furniture, a rule of thumb is that the older and rarer the piece is, the more desirable and highly-priced it will be.

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But just because the piece is an antique, does not guarantee an automatic high price. It must also be structurally sound, functional and in the closest original condition with few if any, repairs or changes made to it.

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When considering purchasing an antique wicker furniture piece, make sure you examine it thoroughly for any of these undesirable issues:

  • doesn’t have original finish
  • breaks in the wooden framework
  • cracked or broken spokes in serpentine or rolled arms
  • missing or badly cracked curlicues
  • flaking or badly chipped paint
  • paint so thick it obliterates design elements
  • excessively worn or poor quality upholstery
  • broken springs in upholstered cushions

If the piece under consideration does have some less than desirable features, be prepared to make the repairs yourself or take the piece to a quality wicker repair person that knows how to restore wicker furniture and be prepared to spend some more money on this project.

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And unless you are buying the piece strictly for looks or display, make sure that sitting in the wicker chair, couch or rocking chair you want is comfortable and pleasing for you to spend time relaxing in.

Hopefully, you’ve found these wicker hints and tips helpful and will use them the next time you are considering purchasing an antique wicker furniture piece.

Good luck on your quest and let me know in the comments below if you already have antique wicker furniture and what kind it is.

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