Sunny Morning Glories Blooming in the Fall


Here it is almost the end of September and my sunny morning glories are just now blooming! They were severely stunted during some frosty May mornings early on this season, when we had a hard frost and are just now rebounding from that trauma.

purple morning glories

I love stepping out the front door and seeing the morning glories basking in the sun, reaching for the sky with their beautiful, soft colored petals. Such a delightful sight, they truly are “glories”!

morning glory flowers

I’m enjoying their bounty until the next hard frost when I’ll lose them completely for this year. How did your flowers do this year? Have you already begun fall decorating with outdoor flowers?

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6 thoughts on “Sunny Morning Glories Blooming in the Fall”

  1. I’ll have to try morning glories again. I had tried to get them to grow up the dog kennel fence once, but the soil was no good. Maybe they could grow on my clematis trellis with the clematis.

    1. What I found out about Morning Glories is that you need to moisten them in a paper towel for a few days, before planting.

      And be sure to take them inside when they get bigger, if there’s frost expected. The hard frost we had is what caused mine to be so stunted.

      Good luck on yours next year!

    2. It is my experience that morning glories don’t thrive in good or enriched soil. Leaves will, not the flowers. I love all blue big ones, my favorite. Know the old song, “When the morning glories, climb arouond the vine…”? It was my grandfather’s favorite. When he was dying in 1918 from the swine flu, an aunt played the music of it and his 3 daughters were allowed as high up the stairs as the landing to sing it to him.

      1. Oh May, what a nice remembrance of your grandfather and his love of morning glories and the song. I’m not familiar with that one, so will have to Google it. Music really does warm the soul.

        My favorite song about flowers is, “White Coral Bells.” My paternal side of the family were all great singers. I remember fondly sitting around the dining table after dinner with all of the grown-ups and the grandchildren singing “rounds” of that song and many others.

        White Coral Bells

        White coral bells upon a slender stalk,
        Lillies of the valley deck my garden walk.
        Oh, don’t you wish that you could hear them ring,
        That will happen only when the fairies sing!

    1. Thanks so much Pam, I’ve really have been enjoying the Morning Glories, good thing too. Because with our low temperature of 24° yesterday morning and then again at 28° this morning on September 30th, they are now toast and gone for the season! Bummer!

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