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It’s been raining off and on all morning long, and after trying repeatedly to connect with the Internet, I had to give up and abandon my efforts for a few hours until the storm passed.

I must say that I really enjoy the rapid speed of connection to the Internet satellite connection affords, but on the other hand, when there’s inclement weather it’s a bummer and frequently goes down. Located here in northern Minnesota, cable and DSL connection are not an option, and dial-up as we all know, is becoming archaic and will be obsolete in the coming years.

Our ISP is, one of the very first satellite companies offering Internet connection to residential customers, three years ago when we began our service. Satellite connection presents technical problems with host companies, mail programs and in a few other situations though, I’ve found out recently.

These guys are not familiar with anything but dial-up, cable or DSL, so when I call to report problems with configuring my domain website (I do all my own hand coding), and email client, they throw up their hands and are totally at a loss. But through my perserverance and doggedness, we have finally worked things out. I’ve been taking copious notes every time I speak with a tech, so if you see any problems with my domain website, please report it to me immediately!

Well, gotta check my email while the weather is still holding!

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