Rustic Mirror Frames

Ever since attending the Woodlanders Rustic Furniture Gathering in July at Mineral Point, WI I have been inspired by my teacher Dennis Geise, to make several rustic mirror frames similar to the ones we made in his class. Yesterday, with the carpentry help of hubby, I placed the finishing touches on five rustic mirrors and took them to Bare Bones Studio in Ely, MN to sell in the gallery.

Hubby made the frames of from pine 1″ x 4″, with an opening for a 5″ x 7″ mirror, then I used combinations of birch bark, red dogwood, wild willow, moss, diamond willow, pine cones and even hand-gathered and braided Native American sweetgrass that we have growing here on our property to decorate and embellish with.

Watch for more intricate mirrors and frames from The Wicker Woman in coming months! And thank you Dennis for the inspiration and encouragement for me to do this in the first place!

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