Use Smoked Rattan Reed to Repair Wicker

Wakefield Rattan Company chair restored
Gentleman’s Wakefield Rattan Company arm chair.

For years before the smoked rattan reed was invented, we wicker repair pros had to stain match the natural whiteish reed color to a dark stained wicker piece. So once the new smoked reed came on the market in the 1980s, I was elated!

When restoring a dark stained wicker furniture piece, it’s a good idea to use smoked rattan reed instead of the natural light colored rattan reed to make those repairs.

Using smoked reed will speed up the process, cutting down on your hours of labor, making your job more profitable in the long run!

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natural color round rattan reed
Natural color round rattan reed

Coils of flat-oval smoked rattan reed
Smoked round rattan reed coils

Staining and blending the color match is made much easier a job by using the darker, smoked reed to begin with. Can you see in the photos how well the smoked reed is blending with the original stained part on this lovely Victorian wicker chair that I’m repairing?

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Wakefield Rattan Company chair arm repaired with smoked reed
This arm was rewoven using smoked rattan reed
Victorian wicker chair repairs made with smoked reed
Wicker braid made with smoked rattan reed

I’m always looking for ways to speed up the restoration process, aren’t you? I think substituting smoked reed for the natural reed is a no-brainer when you are repairing a dark stained (not painted), piece of wicker furniture.

Wicker braid repaired
Victorian wicker chair repaired using smoked reed.

How about you? Have you ever considered using the smoked reed on your wicker restoration projects? Please leave comments below.

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