Quiet, rainy, basketweaving day!

It’s raining again today and the wind has been kicking up rather strongly, but every so often some rays of sunshine stream down, making for a very beautiful tableau. Wonder if we’ll be fortunate enough to see a rainbow soon?

Thinking about doing laundry in Cook, which is about 10 miles away to the north and then going over to the artesian well to get some more drinking water, which is about 10 miles to the south of us. Need a break from Bee Skep weaving and doing chair caning for a customer.

Would like to also go cut some wheat and barley for making more skeps, but since it’s just been raining the fields will be pretty soupy and wet. Sitting here listening to Classical Minnesota Public Radio is soooo relaxing and peaceful. Maybe, just maybe I will put everything off until tomorrow and work on my website instead! Until tomorrow, then!

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