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For all of you concerned about the National Basketry Organization’s website not working, it should be fixed shortly and back in operation, according to President Michael Davis. I spoke with him today and also with the webmaster via email, and they are both looking into the problem.

The NBO is still in operation and growing with leaps and bounds, just suffering a minor hiccup with the website right now. Please hold in there and be patient you know how it can be sometimes in the cyber world!

If you’d like to help support this fine basketry group formed to promote basketmaking of all kinds, you can send your $35 tax-deductible annual payment to:

National Basketry Organization, Inc.
475 Rivercane Road
Brasstown, NC 28902
Phone/Fax: 828-837-1280

When the website is back up and running, payments can also be made by credit card online!

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