Mike Meyer Signs creates Wicker Woman sign 1991

Today’s post is a Throwback Thursday

Mike Meyer Signs of Mazeppa, MN circa 1991, putting up my sign for my wicker studio in Zumbro Falls, MN at The Wicker Woman shop.

Mike Meyer Signs erecting Wicker Woman sign

Mike Meyer Signs WW 1991

As many of you may know, Mike Meyer Sign Company located in the tiny southeastern town of Mazeppa, Minnesota has become quite famous of late.

He’s been passing on the traditional craft of hand-painted signs, holding workshops all across this country and many others, like Australia, France and other European countries.

Little did I know way back when I first met Mike and commissioned him to make the sign which hung from my wicker shop, that he would go on to make such a name for himself!


Now he’s also holding sign painting workshops in Mazeppa for those folks that want to carry on and learn the traditional way of creating signage.

That sign hung above the sidewalk for eleven years and stood the test of time. I saved the sign when we sold the building and moved up to Angora, MN. It was stored in an old farmhouse on the property until we had it torn down.

Now my sign is sitting in my studio on the top of an old tool cabinet. Still looks great for all the wear and tear, don’t you think?

Mike Meyer made Wicker Woman sign

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Mike Meyer, traditional sign painter and all he’s done for my business! Think I’ll have him redo my logo now, too. Love the swirl of the lettering.

Wicker Woman logo

Visit Mike Meyer on Facebook to see more of his fantastic sign painting examples.

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2 thoughts on “Mike Meyer Signs creates Wicker Woman sign 1991”

  1. I love it!! That is so cool. I want to go paint a sign now for Eric!! Thanks for the inspiration Cathryn!!

    Lynne a.k.a., the basketmaker’s wife

    1. Oh you’re welcome Lynne, happy to share Mike’s sign painting work. Thankfully he’s also passing on the craft so it doesn’t die out, just as I’m doing with the craft of chair seat weaving. If you ever come out here to Minnesota for one of Mike’s workshops, be sure to let me know. I’d love to meet you and see Mike again, too.

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