Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 53 birthday and so far, it’s been wonderful! I received several birthday cards in the mail today, several phone calls, and even emails from an old friend sending best wishes.

The sun is shining, after several days of rain, so the Labs and I worked out in the front field weeding and mowing around the lilac bushes I planted last year. The poor little things were almost overtaken by the tall weeds, so now they should be doing much better.

Also got those willow plants that I bought last month from Willow Glen Nursery into the ground. Had to mow an area for them, till up the soil and add soil enrichments to the hole of each so they would take off and grow well. Our soil on the property is mostly gray clay, hard for much of anything to grow well. Since these willow plants are special German basketweaving shoots, I want them close to the house and easily accessible for use this fall and winter. Don’t want to plant them near the other diamond willow, just in case they would cross pollinate.

Tonight my daughter Maggie and I are heading for the movie theater to see the “Bourne Identity,” and out for dinner. Ta-Ta!

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