Giving Thanks

 Antler Basket Cornucopia for Thanksgiving

After thoughtful reflection on this year of 2012, I am so grateful and fortunate to have my health, a loving and close family, and of course a good community of friends, both online and off.

The last few months have been a bit rocky with family health issues. So, I’ve not been as active here on the blog as I have been in past years and just happy you are still following along.

I do thank each and every one of you here in this community of weaving friends for reading what I have to say and leaving your wonderful comments all these years.

Without your support and confidence in me, this site would not be where it is today, providing great resources to all you viewers.

Although most of us have never met in person, we are all connected by this wonderful technology of the Internet, using it for sharing the craft of chair seat weaving, love of antiques, basketweaving, repurposing, and DIY projects in general.

I would especially like to give thanks to all the wonderful folks listed in my National Furniture Repair Directory™. May your businesses continue to prosper throughout the year and for many more to come.

And of course, thanks to all the great companies that provide us with all the chair caning and basket weaving materials we need for our weaving projects on the Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™.

I’m grateful too, for the pleasure of our business and personal relationship.

The Wicker Woman and husband, John Peters, June 2012
John and Cathryn Peters, June 2012

Over this Thanksgiving holiday and as we move into the Christmas season and New Year, join me in giving thanks for being alive, living in a great country with all its freedoms, and surrounded by God’s blessings, large and small.

Thank you all for your participation on my website, especially here on the blog, and for following me on all the social media platforms, too.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for remaining with me here on all these years, I’m eternally grateful.

You absolutely make my heart sing with joy to see how much we are helping each other. I’m living with the “Attitude of Gratitude” every day! Take care everyone and have a blessed day celebrating our good fortune!

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