Email Still Down — Changing Hosts for Website

My email is still out of commission until the transfer from host companies on my domain website goes through, hopefully that will be done by tomorrow at the latest. But I have been told sometimes it takes longer–agh……. I sure hope none of my incoming mail will be lost, I’m waiting on some pretty important stuff about upcoming classes to teach and basket patterns to sell!!!!

Another beautiful day up here in northern Minnesota, mild temps and the sun is shining. Mowed the lawn and planted the new basketweaving willow the other day, went to the chiropractor about my stiff neck again (had it all last week, couldn’t even move my head at all), and it’s coming around nicely now. Muscles are still tight and a bit sore, but he assures me that will go away shortly. Next adjustment is tomorrow. Think I might try some acupuncture, too since it’s offered there at the chiropractor’s office.

Also went to the dentist yesterday and have to go back again in a few weeks for a possible cavity filling. Drat!

Well, gotta run. Chair caning customer came over yesterday with a seat that needed to be done. Thank goodness the double-sided blind caning on the back was in good condition. I really didn’t want to tackle one of those hard jobs again, and the customer didn’t want to pay the high price for it either. Ta-Ta!

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