Diamond Willow Trees This is what the diamond willow trees look like out in the grove on our property in northeastern Minnesota. They seem to like the cold winters and swampy areas too, which we have an abundance of on our 120 acres!

June is the best time of year for peeling the bark off, supposedly right around the Spring Equinox (June 21st), so this weekend I will be going out to cut some down. Then comes the hard part; peeling the bark off, cutting out the diamond hole areas, sanding the sticks nice and smooth and then applying a clear finish coat to complete those walking sticks, staffs, lamps and furniture parts.

Antler/Diamond Willow Basket“Green Envy” Antler/Diamond Willow Basket,Copyright 2004

For more pictures of the shoots that I use in weaving my baskets, and some sticks in various stages of completion, click on the link above (Cutting Diamond Willow!) and you will go to my PictureTrail album on Diamond Willow. Enjoy!

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