How do I care for my wicker furniture? Get Wicker Furniture Care Tips!

Newer wicker couch ruined by leaving outdoors unprotected.
Weather damaged newer wicker couch

Do you have wicker furniture that you don’t know how to care for?

I frequently hear from wicker furniture owners who tell me that they don’t know how to care for their wicker furniture. Some have antique wicker that they have inherited from family members, so it means a lot to them to care for the pieces correctly.


And some wicker lovers have been lucky enough to pick up free wicker pieces or they’ve bought them at very little cost.

Some folks have even picked up their wicker pieces from the side of the road, garbage dump or even abandoned houses!

No matter what way you’ve acquired your wicker furniture pieces and whatever condition they are in now, you need to know how-to care for your wicker furniture ASAP!

How-to Care for Your Wicker Furniture Tip Sheet

You just might want to read the hints, tips and suggestions on “How to Care for Your Wicker Furniture” on the Articles page so your wicker furniture doesn’t end up looking like that newer reproduction import at the top of this blog post!

And while you’re at it, be sure to read all the Q & A’s on the Wicker & Cane FAQ page!

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