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Sometime last winter in 2011 I purchased three Chair Caning Trivets-Hotpads at a thrift shop nearby called, Rick’s Relics in Tower, Minnesota.


Rick's Relics second hand store in Tower, MN

I just love this place and frequent it often, it’s so much fun winding around all the “treasures” on the main floor and then again upstairs.

They have second-hand clothing and lots of furniture that needs a little TLC and loads of dishes, glassware and framed pictures.

chair caning trivet use

Chair caning trivet-hotpad in use

I was fortunate to get the set of three chair caning trivets-hotpads with one large one and two smaller. The big one measures 7″ x 10″ and the smaller ones are 6″ x 8″ the black chair caning design is stamped on what appears to be some sort of metal or tin.

three chair caning trivets

Chair caning pattern on trivets-hotpads

See the manufacturer’s label stamped into the backs of these? Notice that the Ballonoff company in Cleveland, Ohio is using a zip code beside their company name?

chair caning trivets back

Chair caning trivets-Hot Mats made by Ballonoff in Cleveland, OH

After doing a bit of research on zip codes, I found out that these chair caning trivets were made sometime after 1963 when the United States Postal Service began using zip codes.

My first guess was that they were made during the 1920s or 1930s, but I would have been wrong by a few decades!

chair caning trivet back

Ballonoff manufacturing company, Cleveland, OH

We use these all the time at the dining table to set the tea kettle on and numerous other hot dishes of all sorts and types. Love, love, love the chair caning trivets-hotpads.

Hope they aren’t leaking out something awful like toxic fumes or something like that, though. I’d hate to have to quit using them for the reason they were made. They’re so functional and cool to look at!

chair caning design trivet

Chair caning design on trivet

What kind of chair caning treasures have you found lately? Be sure to let us know by posting your comment below.

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Until next time, Happy Weaving!


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