Chair Caning in Hickory, North Carolina

Traditonal hole chair caningMONDAY MENTION–Chair Caning

We just added another chair caning expert to the National Furniture Repair Directory™ in the Seatweaving section on!

Dick Knotts, owner of The Seat Doktor, has been weaving for over 10 years and will be more than happy to repair any of your chair caning projects! He’s also a brand new member of The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc. and we’re so glad to count him as a member of the guild.

“I’m weaving up a storm here, catching up after the Gathering. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all those folks and I learned a lot. Thanks to you for all you have done for the Guild these four years and for your website and terrific marketing ideas.” Dick Knotts

It was a pleasure meeting Dick and learning tips and hints from him, too at TSWG Gathering in Noblesville, IN and to now have him on the Furniture Repair Directory™ here on

Give Dick a call today and get on his appointment repair schedule for all your chair caning needs. Check out his chair caning blog to see all the projects he’s writing about.

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4 thoughts on “Chair Caning in Hickory, North Carolina”

  1. I need someone to recane the seat of a rocker. I live in Morganton, NC, please find me someone who can do this for me. Thanks

    1. Hi there Karen,

      Guess you missed seeing the link on this post and at the top of every page of my website for the National Furniture Repair Directory™ where you can do a search for a chair caning pro near you in almost any state. Lucky for you, there are three seatweaving experts listed in North Carolina in the Chair Caning category! You can also check with the folks at Silver River Chairs in Asheville, NC, at the school and museum in case you’d like to replace the seat yourself.

      Check out the Articles tab at the top of all the pages for tip sheets, instructions, caning care hints and more!

  2. Cheryl Klingler

    I am looking for a source of plastic cane that looks like real cane, hopefully near Mi. I have some cane, but it does not look like the real thing. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Cheryl,

      For sources of plastic cane, please check with the advertising suppliers on my Cane & Basket Supplies page.

      And for your information, the URL for your website does not work, with or without the “www” and nothing comes up for it in a search. Nice domain name though, would really like to see your website sometime, as would the other readers of my blog.

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