Anxious to get started with that new basket weaving or chair caning project, but not sure where to buy the supplies? Need something more to finish that project in the works? We have just the thing for you!


Cane and Basket Weaving Supplies Directory™

Check here on the Cane and Basket Weaving Supplies Directory™ on where we’ve listed over 30 supply companies that have been in business for years and can help you out with any requests.

Chair Caning Supplies

Chair Caning Supplies–Strand Cane, Cane Webbing, Wide Binding Cane

Each cane and basket supplier has their specialties, one may have larger tool selection, one might have more unusual basket embellishments, wooden bases, or reed with more unique sizing.

market basket

Some specialize more heavily on the basketweaving supplies and some carry more chair caning and seatweaving materials.

Coils of flat-oval smoked rattan reed

Smoked round reed coils

Smoked reed is really handy for those wicker furniture repairs! You need very little coloring to make the repairs almost invisible.

Wicker braid repaired

Victorian wicker chair repaired using smoked reed.

Request their catalogs and/or look at them online, then place your order and finish those DIY weaving projects!

When you contact them, mention you saw their ad on the Cane and Basket Weaving Supplies Directory™ on so they know where their advertising is working!

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